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What's in the Shop

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Machines undergoing restoration or recently left the shop

  Machine was found in storage at a military base. The veneer was peeling and the owner used red mac-tac tape to hold it in place.     Amplifer and other mechanical compents are being rebuilt. Chrome has been removed and buffed. Cabinet has been stripped down and will be reveneered.
Wurlitzer 61 - as it was delivered by the owner


  Wurlitzer 61- stripped down cabinet    
  Buyer was interested in purchasing the machine "as is", but hired me to do the cabinet restoration and install the newly purchased pilasters.     A glass dome had been purchased at Chicagoland a few years ago and had been stored, along with the machine ever since. The dome was transferred to the frame and as it was being set into place, cracked. A plastic dome was installed in its place.
Rockola 1438 (Comet) - as purchased several years ago      

Rockola 1438 (Comet) - as delivered to the purchaser who will
finish the restoration