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Terry with his Rock-ola 1422 during the restoration process.

Terry's Jukebox Page


Terry Legere
Kingston, ON
phone: (613) 544-4194

I repair and restore jukeboxes and other coin-operated machines, as well as wind-up phonographs (gramophones). I have been doing this for over five years.

I also buy and sell machines. Call or email me if you have a jukebox, pinball or gramophone to sell or want repaired or restored. If you are interested in buying a machine, please contact me to see what I have in stock.

Kingston is located along Highway 401 near the Thousand Islands and is centrally located midpoint between Toronto Ontario in the west and Montreal Quebec in the east; Ottawa Ontario in the north and Syracuse New York in the south. Toronto and Montreal are approximately a 2.5 hour drive and Ottawa and Syracuse are approximately 2 hours.

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