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What's the difference between a repaired jukebox and a restored jukebox?


A jukebox that needs to be repaired is fine cosmetically (at least the owner is satisified with its appearance), but a mechanical part is not functioning properly and needs to be fixed. For example, an amplifer may not be functioning properly but the rest of the machine is fine. With a site visit, I can remove the amp from the machine and take it back to my workshop to work it. Or, the customer may be able to remove the amp and deliver or ship it to me. Another example is that the mechanism is not operating properly - if at all. Similar to an amp repair, I may be able to work on the mech on site, or remove it from the jukebox and work on it in my workshop.

In some cases, a problem may be fixed on site with replacing bad tubes or soldering broken wires.


A restored jukebox is one that in addition to any necessary parts being repaired, the entire machine is brought back to near factory condition - both inside and out. How close to factory like condition would depend on how much the customer wants to spend. For example, rechroming all of the chrome pieces, or buffing off the rust; replace original plastics which may have minor flaws or cracks with new, likely reproduction, pieces.


What's involved with restoring a jukebox?

When I start working on a jukebox that is to be restored, I start with the mechanical parts to ensure that the machine will run properly. If the machine will not run, it doesn't matter what it looks like.


Once the jukebox has been restored mechanically, I then start to restore the cabinet and other cosmetic features.