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Rockola Jukeboxes

Rockola 1422

My most treasured jukebox is a Rockola 1422, one of the Magic Glow series, which I purchased from Tom Datri. I had first seen a 1422 in the home of a record dealer in downtown Toronto. I still prefer this model to the more popular Wurlitzer 1015.

I had seen Tom's ad in an issue of Always Jukin' and made contact with him by phone. This was back in the very early days of the internet and most jukebox people were not yet online. Contact still had to be done by print and telephone.

After doing several gramophone (antique phonograph) repairs and selling gramophones and related items on Ebay, I had the money to purchase the 1422 from Tom.

Tom was willing to drive part way from his home in Maryland. My wife, Linda, and I drove to Lebanon Pennsylvania to meet Tom. This was our first jukebox expedition. Little did we know at the time that it would be the first of many.












In the parking lot of a diner in Lebanon, Tom uncovered the jukebox and kept assuring me that I wasn't committed to the deal if I did not like the machine. There was no question that I would do that. As you can see in the photo I was quite happy with the machine. Money exchanged hands and the jukebox was transferred from Tom's truck to my van.

Before leaving Lebanon, we visited the Pennslyvania Gameroom Warehouse. We then headed home and I began my project of restoring the machine. Tom had included in the purchase most of the cosmetics and over time I completed the project.