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Seeburg Jukeboxes

Seeburg 100C

My wife's most treasured jukebox is a Seeburg 100C - like what she remembered seeing in the TV show Happy Days.

It was our first jukebox, purchased in 1996. I had the opportunity of purchasing 2 jukeboxes that had been sitting out in a field - this machine and an Seeburg AY160. As both were 45rpm and I had my heart set on a 78rpm Rockola 1422, I wasn't interested in keeping the machines. But I thought if I purchased these machines, repaired and restored and sold them I would then have the funds for when I did find my dream machine.

However, when I told Linda that one of them was like the jukebox in Happy Days, she said we were keeping it - but could sell the other.

I started working on the mechanism. For several months, the 'jukebox' was in the form of the mechanism sitting on a table in our rec room and wired to a speaker.

Eventually, the parts were put back into the restored cabinet and positioned as the focal point of our gaming area in the rec room.

Since then, I have repaired and restored numerous 100C jukeboxes. And have even started to reproduce the entire cabinet.




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